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    Vallillo Family

    Vatican City with Kids

    Chiara was our guide for Ancient Rome and we followed up with a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Such a great way to learn interesting facts and get prepared for seeing everything up close. We could not recommend her more for a tour with kids.

    Julie Gray


    Chiara is the bee’s knees. She made what would have been a totally overwhelming trip into one that was relaxed, simple, fun and educational. I cannot recommend Chiara enough.

    Vallillo Family

    Fun With Kids!

    Chiara is amazing! She is able to share the wonders of Rome with the way she explains the history and what is that n front of you. She was amazing with our kids (8 & 7) and we could not recommend her more.

    D J Roberts

    Rome. Just a taste!

    Outstanding! Chiara communicated prior to our walking tour, taking in to account our concerns about the summer heat and the locations we could visit. Once we met, the conversation flowed naturally, Chiara was eloquent and very well informed. We found her knowledge of the city, its history and the abundance of art to be exceptionally infectious! We see the city with new eyes now! When we return (and we will) we will certainly ask Chiara to walk with us again. We would love to return the favor, should she ever make it to Canada! Thank you Chiara!

    Bob and Debra

    Incredible guides for Rome!

    We were two couples who in May 2019 did three half day tours with Chiara (ancient Rome, the Vatican, and Trastevere & Villa Farnesina) and one with Valeria, to whom Chiara referred us (Valeria did the walking tour of central Rome with us, because Chiara was already booked with someone else that day.) Chiara and Valeria were both absolutely great guides – so very knowledgeable, passionate, engaging, and energetic. We highly recommend Chiara (and Valeria).

    Patricia Mulford

    Ancient Rome

    We had the pleasure of spending three days in Rome with Chiara, and loved every minute of our time with her. We took the Ancient Rome tour, the Vatican tour, and also a tour of Ostia Antica. Chiara’s level of knowledge is astounding – we asked her a LOT of questions, and she was always ready with an in-depth answer. She has an obvious passion for Italy’s art, history, archaeology, and culture, and an unflagging enthusiasm. It was beastly hot during our tour days and yet we never really felt the heat because she kept us thoroughly engaged and focused on the beautiful sites we visited. My only regret is that we could not bring her along with us for the rest of our Italy trip. We had other guides during our vacation, but none came close to Chiara. We love you Chiara, and hope to see you again someday! Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.

    Dean Kimball

    Vatican and Roman Ruins

    Without Chiara’s assistance our trip to Rome would not have been the same. Spending 2 days with her really made a great trip to Italy the best trip of our lives. She is energetic, so knowledgeable and a lot of fun. The whole family really enjoyed our time with her.


    Personal tour of Rome and it’s sites

    We had a wonderful experience with Chiara. She was so knowledgeable, passionate, patient and all around enjoyable to spend the day touring Rome and all its sites. Chiara was the best guide we’ve ever had! We learned so much. Her enthusiasm for teaching was evident! We felt truly blessed that since we only had one day in Rome, Chiara was our guide.

    Craig Banner

    The Vatican

    Chiara was incredible knowledgable about the vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica! We learned so much, and enjoyed our tour completely. I highly recommend her services to you.

    Craig Banner

    ancient Rome

    Chiara was a wonderful guide. She was so knowledgable about the history, architecture and people of ancient Rome, she made the place come to life. She also is so accommodating and helpful. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to you.

    Amanda James

    Great day out!

    Chiara made our tour fantastic, not only is she knowledgeable, enthusiastic and interesting, she is a really friendly person. My two teenage sons found her facts informative and engaging they really enjoyed themselves. I would recommend her to anyone.


    Incredible Vatican Tour

    Our Vatican tour was amazing. Chiara was knowledgeable, thoughtful, insightful and spoke perfect English. She brought us thru the Vatican museum, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s. We were a group of 4 ranging in age from 86 to 21 and we were all amazed at her knowledge and exuberance. I would highly recommend this tour and Chiara!

    Patti Patrizi

    Borghese Gallery and Trastevere

    Chiara is as good as it gets as a guide–she is a genuine expert in art history but more importantly she knows how to help you “see” in a new and deeper way. We were delighted by her ability to put the art or architecture in the context of the time and the artists work. She was also great to spend time with–in our case two mornings. She is fun and communicates well about arrangements as well as what we were experiencing. We so enjoyed our time with her that we are planning to go back for a deep dive over 2 or 3 weeks. She is worth whatever it costs to engage her. Wonderful!

    Rebecca Curry

    Family tours

    We had a great tour with Chiara, we did both the Coloseum and Vatican with her she did an English tour which was geared towards our boys 9 and 12.


    Fantastic Tour Guide!

    Chiara – was a fantastic guide for our visit to both Ancient Rome and the Vatican. Her knowledge on all topics was amazing! We got so much out of our visit because of all she was able to share with us. All of her recommendations were excellent.

    Scott and Leslie McFarland

    Vatican and Ancient Wonders

    Absolutely top notch tours. We feel very blessed to have Chiara as our guide to the Vatican. She was absolutely an amazing guide. Her knowledge, passion and personality were all 1st class. My wife and I learned so much because she made it so easy to do so. If we ever make it back to Rome, we will not go anywhere without consulting Chiara. The following day, we did the Ancient Wonders tour. Chiara was already booked, so she scheduled Luca to be our tour guide. Take everything I said about Chiara, and apply it to Luca. Once again, his knowledge and passion is off the chart! They truly will make your Rome experience more valuable and memorable! If you are looking for a private tour and an exceptional experience in Rome…you must look into Born & Bred in Rome. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    Linda Meyers and Richard Handler

    Tour of the Pantheon and general orientation to Rome

    This was my first time to Rome. My husband had visited once before several years ago. We were looking for a general orientation to the city and the neighbourhood we were staying in as well as seeing some of the sites. The tour with Chiara exceeded our expectations. We spent a half day touring parts of Rome, visiting various sites including the Pantheon. Chiara was informative, engaging and enthusiastic. She has a lovely, warm personality so it was a pleasure to spend time with her. When we visit Rome in the future I would definitely book tours with her again and I will be recommending her to friends and family.

    Laura Krug

    Golden Standard

    Chiara took our group of 4 through the Vatican, St Peters, the Custene Chapel,the Roman Colosseum, and the Roman Forum in 2 3 hour tours. She is extremely knowledgeable and very engaging. I enjoyed the tours tremendously. Chiara talks about the ancient Romans and brings them alive for you. She was very patient with her jet lagged travelers and offered cappuccino breaks during which she pulled out her notebook of pictures to teach us about what we were going to be seeing. Chiara is a gold standard to use in evaluating all other tour guides. She arranged for a driver to pick us up from our lodging the second morning of our tour. She gave me good advice about some places I had planned to see later in the week. You’ll be glad to choose Chiara as your tour guide.


    Walking Tour of Rome

    We met Chiara on our first day in Rome and she gave us a walking tour of the city. We were immediately impressed with her friendliness, knowledge and fluency in English. We explored the areas north and south of the Tiber River by the Ponte Sisto. She made us feel very comfortable. It was a great way to begin our stay in Rome.


    Day 3 in Rome

    This was the third tour we had with Chiara and it was just as enjoyable and informative as the others. I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable and passionate she is about her work. She helped us navigate the Vatican Museum amidst the crowds. She never rushed us through any of the exhibits, letting us spend as much time as we wanted at each place. Would highly recommend her for this and any of her other tours. She made us feel like family and provided us with excellent restaurant recommendations.


    Walking Tour

    Chiara was a wonderful tour guide. Very knowledgeable and gave us lots of information including little known facts/details about the various places we visited. It’s obvious she thoroughly enjoys showing people her home town. Would highly recommend her and her tours to anyone visiting Rome.


    Ancient Rome

    Chiara did an incredible job. She was very informative and knowledgeable of Roman decor and history. She worked very hard in making sure everyone understood everything thing she showed us. Our entire group was thoroughly impressed!

    Michelle Blaeser and Gene Bard

    Wonderful Colosseum and walking tours

    Chiara is a fantastic tour guide. We met with her on two different mornings, and were impressed by her knowledge of history, art, language, culture, food, and politics. She went out of her way to accommodate us and make sure we stayed hydrated during the tours. When we return to Rome, she will be the first person we contact to learn more about ancient and current day Rome. Grazie mille, Chiara!

    Mario D'Alimonte

    Simply the Best

    My partner, David and I and David’s mother (who is almost 88) spent two wonderful morning with Chiara last week. What a delightful experience on so may levels. Chiara is extremely well-informed and passionate about her city, its history and its art. She conducts her tours with an openness to questions, an ability to adapt to the interests and needs of the group, and a wonderful sense of humour. We felt like we were spending time with an old friend, not a tour guide. And we cannot begin to express how lovely it was to see her looking after David’s mother as if she were looking after a member of her own family. To quote the great Tina Turner….Chiara, you are “simply the best”. Mille grazie , cara.

    Bonnie Nybo

    Vatican, Colosseum

    Well my husband and i did not know what to expect with our private tour with Chiara – She was recommended by a family member and she is amazing!! This is our first trip to Rome and Italy. I was never a history or art lover – but i am now after Chiara’s infectious desire to teach. She makes it fun with all the story telling and facts. Her knowledge is broad and we will be sure to tell anyone we know to be sure to book with her. Thanks again Chiara for a wonderful, inspiring, interesting and fun 2 days in Rome!! Rob and Bonnie.

    Paul and Lori Gertsch

    Vatican & Colosseum Tours

    Chiara was the BEST tour guide that we had on our trip to Italy and Greece – she was the first tour guide of our trip and no other tour guide on our two week vacation came close to the quality of her tour. She was truly excited to show us her country and how much she loved it. She had so much information to share and was prepared with visual aids on both days of the tours and was able to answer any and all questions we had. She was very helpful via email in preparing for our trip and was very accomodating in helping to arrange for transportation and to modify the tours since we had someone in our group unable to walk too far without resting. She was very helpful when I had trouble purchasing tickets for one of the museums. Since our trip, we met a couple on a Caribbean cruise that is taking the same Mediterrean cruise we were on and are spending time in Rome as well. I told them about Chiara and immediately forwarded her contact information to them and encouraged them to use her. Unfortunately, all future tour guides will now be compared to the “Chiara” standard. I am giving her a 5/5 but I truly want to make it a higher number!!!

    The DeMarini Family


    My husband, two adult sons and I arranged a tour of The Vatican for a few days before Christmas with Chiara. In addition to being kind, amazingly knowledgeable, and patient, Chiara went above and beyond during a special situation: Papa Francisco decided to close The Vatican for a few hours on the day of our visit. Chiara reached us the night before and suggested that we start our tour earlier than planned. Thanks to Chiara’s understanding of Vatican operations and history, we had a very special experience with her guidance.

    Scot & Holly Anderson

    Best Tour and Guide for Rome vacay!

    My husband and two older sons took both the Ancient Rome tour and the Vatican tour! We loved every minute of it! Chiara Mataloni was our guide for both and we will definitely ask for her the next time we are in Rome! Before we even arrived in Europe, Chiara had already assisted us and made the vacation easy. She provided tour information promptly and gave us links for ticket purchases and transportation. She provided contact information in the event we would arrive and not know where to meet her. When I had difficulty purchasing tickets for a specific museum, she did some research and found a more expedient and efficient solution. The tours themselves were highly informative; giving us a peek into life and times long gone by. Chiara was extremely knowledgeable while being fun and entertaining, too! We did a lot of walking, but, stopped intermittently in between any distances that were lengthy. We were Soo engaged with the tour that the time seemed to fly by! In a couple other legs of our stay in Europe we found ourselves wishing we had another “Chiara Mataloni” to show us around! If you are booking time in Rome, I would HIGHLY recommend you consider and schedule time with this company!

    Cristy Fimiani

    Excellent from Start to Finish

    We really liked what we read on this website so we booked Chiara for a tour of the Vatican for our family of four. She was very helpful and personable via email in our planning stage. It was a pleasure to meet her in person and tour with her. Her English is excellent which is so helpful in crowded or quiet areas. Her experience showed as she navigated the crowds so that we got to see more than we ever would have without her. She is sharp, personable and knowledgable and we really enjoyed our time with her.

    Vicki Martin

    Conversation in The Vatican

    I had the good fortune of spending 3 hours with Chiara on a private tour of The Vatican. Chiara is very knowledgeable and brought to life so many of the aspects of The Vatican Museum collection. She is great at setting the scene, and this provides context for viewing the vast collection. I loved the way she would take the time to quietly introduce me to aspects of the collection and the Sistine Chapel. This allowed for maximum enjoyment and insight. I have taken a number of these observations with me when I have viewed other places and collections. I would very highly recommend Chiara and thank her for the more general conversations about Rome, The Vatican and its history.

    Katherine, Bryan, Yukari and Silvio

    Educational and fun

    Lisa gave us a great tour of the Coliseum and the Forum. With her archeological background, she highlighted points that we would never have noticed on our own. We had a 19-month-old and she was very mindful about what could keep him happy. Before visiting Rome, I’d read about the Coliseum and the Forum, but still learned a lot from Lisa. Having a personal tour guide is expensive (to me, anyway), but totally worth the cost.

    John Frank

    Best way to visit the Vatican

    There is so much to see at the Vatican Museum. With only a few hours to spend at the museum, it only makes sense to have a guide. And Chiara is a wonderful guide. She gives background, details, and points out her favorite pieces. I told her ahead of time some of the things I wanted to see, and she managed to get it all in. We had a 19-month-old with us, and she was excellent at working with us in trying to keep him entertained. It is a wonderful experience to have a private guide to answer our questions, and give us wonderful information. I also had questions before we arrived in Italy and Chiara was extremely helpful… I’m very careful with my money and usually would consider this a large amount of money, but it was worth every cent. Especially after my adult son – who was originally opposed to the idea of having a tour guide – told his friend that he should book Chiara when he goes to Rome next month. That’s when I knew he really liked the tour.

    Les and Lynn

    Vatican & Ancient Rome

    Absolutely amazing. We saw so much. Chiara was able to get us through the crowd to see a great deal in a limited amount of time. She is knowledgeable about the history, art and the architecture of Rome. She answered all of our questions. Very professional and was attentive to our personal needs (having a drink, short rests,etc). If you are looking for a tour guide, she is the one to choose. You won’t be disappointed.


    Colloseum, Palatine Hill, Forum and Vatican (2 tours on consecutive days)

    We loved our two tours with Arianna. In addition to being just a lovely human being, Arianna has a PhD in archaeology, and is incredibly knowledgeable about the history and the architecture of the Colloseum and the ancient city, the history of the Church and the Papacy, and the art and architecture at the Vatican. I felt like I was in college again! She was also very engaging with our kids (age 11 & 13). I am so grateful that they got to experience these wonderful places with the historical and political contexts that she provided. Grazie Mille!!!

    Frank and Liz

    Amazing Vatican Tour

    Our family of 5 had the privilege to have a three hour Vatican tour led by Chiara this past July. We had such a wonderful time with Chiara. She was so professional, caring and knowledgeable throughout our tour. Her expertise on Vatican history was thoroughly enjoyed by our entire family. Chiara told us all of the highlights, and answered all of our questions throughout the tour. She was absolutely amazing and this was truly an unforgettable day for all of us. We would highly recommend her to anyone. Don’t hesitate, Chiara was perfect for us. Thanks so much Chiara!

    Caitlin & Dustin

    You're crazy if you don't book with Chiara!

    We booked a tour of the Vatican with Chiara and it was one of the best decisions we made on our entire trip. Chiara made the whole process stress free and relaxing so we were able to enjoy every minute. Despite the inevitable crowds at the Vatican, our tour felt very personalized and intimate. Chiara’s passion for Roman art, history, and culture are surpassed only by her passion for sharing it with others. She was a wealth of information and was able to help us make the most of our time at the Vatican without missing any of the “highlights”. At the end of our tour it felt like we’d just spent the last few hours exploring the Vatican with a close friend. Do yourself a favor and book now!

    Cristy Fimiani

    Excellent from start to finish

    It was a pleasure meeting and having a private tour of the Vatican with Chiara. She was so helpful in advance of our trip to Rome. Once on the tour, we learned so much from her descriptions, stories, examples and knowledge. It is clear she knows her history and subject matter well and is able to share that with her clients in a comfortable and interesting manner. Her English is excellent and she navigates crowds very well. When the tour was near over, she made great recommendations on how to best spend our time near the Vatican that afternoon which was also much appreciated. She went out of her way to make sure we had a good experience and we did!



    Ciao Chiara!! Valeria was an excellent tour guide! She made the whole experience memorable, not only for the adults, but also for the children. She was very sweet and engaged with them and kept it interesting and adventurous! We all loved it! Thank you for recommending her!

    Leonie, Justin, Nelson, Lachlan & Harrison Kerley

    Magical tour of the Vatican!

    We had Chiara for our Vatican tour and after already seeing Ancient Rome with Lisa, she has big shoes to fill….but she did not disappoint!! Chiara’s knowledge and passion for the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel is amazing and kept our 3 teenage boys interested and enthrawlled! She enlightened us about the secrets behind Michaelangelo’s frescos, giving us a much better feel for this wonderfully talented artist and she also gave us so much history about the Vatican and St Peter which was so interesting. Chiara made our tour for the Vatican magical and we could not recommend her more highly! My youngest son said he learned more about the Vatican and St Peter than he has at school which is definitely a big vote for her tour! We could not recommend her more highly xx

    Leonie, Justin, Nelson, Lachlan and Harrison Kerley

    Amazing Colosseum and Ancient Rome tour!

    We had been referred to Born & Bred in Rome but had no idea it was going to be as amazing as it was! We had Lisa take is on the most informative and captivating tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, keeping our 3 boys captivated for the full 3.5 hours with tales of gladiator fights, stories of Nero and what the Colosseum was used for other than to host fighting games. Lisa’s knowledge was outstanding, having studied archeology she explained on so much more detail every facet of Ancient Rome. We loved having Lisa as our guide and highly recommend this tour xx

    Cara & Ted Clarke

    Family tour of Ancient Rome

    Chiara guided our family through the Coloseum the Forum and Palatine Hill on a hot summer morning. The experience was fantastic as she was knowledgeable, great at navigating the sites, engaging, and masterful at finding the shade. The ancient sites would have never been as meaningful without Chiara’s explanations. She set a comfortable pace and kept our teenage children engaged throughout the tour giving them a lesson in history that will stay with them for a lifetime. Making arrangements to work with Chiara before we left for Rome was also easy as she is responsive and clear with her communications. We hope to return to Rome again, and will be certain to work with Chiara at Born and Bred in Rome to learn more about this amazing city.



    Chiara was great! Loved the personal touch and all the details on the history in such a short time. I left the tour with much more knowledge of the Vatican. Very nice! Thanks!

    Catalano Family

    Great Vatican Experience

    Chiara was an amazing tour guide! She provided so many interesting facts about the art in the Vatican and she was very adept at navigating around the crowds. We truly enjoyed our Vatican tour and would definitely book Chiara for future tours!

    Christine R Guggisberg

    Rome Colosseum

    Ferdinando is an excellent guide. Very informative.

    Christine R Guggisberg

    Vatican Tour

    Laura is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend Born&Bred in Rome tour agency!


    Vatican Extended Tour

    We are a family of 5, children 22, 19 and 15. This was a wonderful tour with Chiara. She was not only knowledgeable but passionate about the art. She met us on time and whisked us past the lines. She guided us through the museum with all the amazing art, while stopping and discussing many of the pieces. If we were interested in a piece she did not stop at she was happy to give us information on that piece as well. Overall a great experience and a fantastic way to see the Vatican area.

    Jeremy, Erin, Madie, Claire, Ian and Adelle

    Ancient Rome

    Chiara is a pleasure to be with and is an authentic tour guide. Our tour in Ancient Rome was memorable and we gained a new appreciation for the history and culture of the great city of Rome. Chiara was also excellent at engaging our children aged 13, 10, 8 and 5. So much so that after all the tours we took throughout Italy, they will say that she was their favourite tour guide by far and are able to retell a lot of what they learned by listening to her. Having a personal guide who is not only knowledgable but also is someone who you could really enjoy being with is what you will find with Chiara. Thank you!

    Jeff & Connie

    Vatican Museum & Sistine Chapel. Colosseum, Forum, Patheon & Beyond

    Chiara was wonderful, full of details and photos, easy to understand. Our group of four were all quite pleased with how Chiara got us around, in the sites and found the time to meander a bit. We’d visit Rome again in a heartbeat and hope she’d be able to lead us around. BTW, we got to all the sites we wanted to see.

    Family Dignam

    Best money ever spent on a vacation!

    We had a wonderful tour of the Colosseum, Forum and Capitol Hill with Valeria. If you are debating whether to get a private tour- DO IT! This was honestly the best money spent, especially for a family… We were taken to all the important spots, had everything explained with interesting details and humor. Valeria is knowledgeable and engaging- even our usually bored-to-tears by anything even remotely “old” teenager was interested. We will always look for similar tours in any city we visit going forward, because this was just the perfect way to start a visit to Roma!

    Dean Wilkerson

    Colosseum, Forum and Ancient Rome

    Valeria was wonderful. Knowledgeable, personable, entertaining. Highly recommend her and the tour.


    Fun Vatican Tour!

    We enjoyed a great tour of the Vatican with our very friendly and knowledgable guide, Arianna! After some helpful scheduling conversations with Chiara, our contact at B&BinR, we decided on a time that suited us best, and with the smallest crowd possible. Of course, even then there were HUGE crowds! We had our toddler with us, and he wasn’t cooperating, so Arianna was able to quickly carve out a condensed version that still gave us the full experience, while reducing our overall time. But, by far, the most valued element was Arianna’s ability to get us to bypass the line in, and then to acquire our tickets for us, while we waited off to the side. I highly recommend!!

    Jeanna S. and family

    Grazie mille Chiara!

    No less than OUTSTANDING! Chiara was an amazing tour guide! We were very fortunate to have Chiara for both the Vatican Tour and the Ancient Rome Tour. From bypassing the long lines, to her immense knowledge, Chiara’s passion for Rome is quite evident! Her private tours are not only filled with so much history and interesting facts but they keep you wanting to learn more! Our family highly recommends Chiara! After taking her tours, it feels like we truly made and have a friend in Rome! Grazie Mille Chiara!

    Andrew C.

    Two perfect days in Rome with Lisa

    Absolutely perfect. Lisa was incredibly knowledgeable, patient and spoke perfect English. We did two tours with her, Vatican Museums and Ancient Rome, and both were made memorable by her insights and passion.

    Jane Ward

    Two wonderful tours with a wonderful guide!

    Just a wonderful adventure with Born and Bred in Rome. Lisa our tour guide was just wonderful… her passion for her city, it’s art, history, architecture and treasures was just wonderful, and it was fabulous to see the city through her eyes. Lisa was warm, kind and generous of spirit, and we thank her for making our visit so fabulous. Chiara who booked our tours and helped us with so many things was also fabulous. We cannot thank you both enough for your help and kindness.

    Karin Chipman

    Two Interesting and Informative Days

    Arianna was our guide for two 4 hour tours. We were traveling with our children, ages 12 & 14, and we all learned a lot. Arianna was extremely knowledgeable and kept the tour interesting with the use of visual aids. It was money very well spent. If (when) we return to Rome, we will definitely book another tour with Born & Bred in Rome.


    Vatican Tour

    Our family of four, two adults and two sons, ages 17 and 19 took a wonderful tour with Francesca to the Vatican. Francesca was extremely knowledgeable, interesting and gave us a completely different perspective and insight into the Vatican than when we had visited previously. She was even able to keep our two sons interested for the three hour tour! We loved her passion and enthusiasm and her family stories of growing up in Rome. The tour is well worth the money. Our only regret is that we did not take another tour with Francesca or her company!


    The tour with Chiara was excellent!

    My husband and I visited Rome with our two kids (ages 10 and 6) and so we knew that it would be important to have some great tour guides who could capture their interest and explain things in ways they could understand. Chiara not only accomplished that for us, but she also helped me gain a much better appreciation for the Vatican than we had after visit several years ago. Chiara is so friendly and knowledgeable, and she uses various learning aids (photos, etc.) to help explain the importance of what we were seeing there. It was great!


    Ancient Rome Came Alive!

    I have been to Rome several times before and have taken other tours but they paled in comparison to the experience we enjoyed with Chiara as our guide. Her knowledge and love of her subject is infectious and the history of the places we went to came alive as she explained the evolution of the sites we visited. She gladly answered any questions we had and was flexible with any special requests we made. I only wish I had taken another of her tours but will definitely do so on my next visit.


    Chiara is just great!

    This tour was super — just the right length, right level of detail, right amount of history without being overwhelming. Chiara obviously knows her history and her art history, but also knows as visitors we can’t absorb every detail. She meters it out based on your interests and helps you understand the most important points.

    Dawn Ross

    Rome with Chiara

    Chiara, so much to say. Rome can be overwhelming with history and big groups to get around. So much to see and take in. The olny way to do Rome is with Chiara. She loves the history and sharing it. You can see it’s her passion. She make a tour personalized. She gets to know you and builds her tours for you! we enjoyed every last second with her. Again, this is the olny way to see Rome. Chiara Thank You!

    Robert LaBarbera

    Rome with Emanuela

    Emanuela Mastrangeli was very knowledgeable and educated on our tours. We enjoyed her very much! Emanuela was very nice to our entire family and even our kids enjoyed the tours and were never bored. Please let Emanuela know that we appreciated her time and most of all, her smile.  Grazie.


    Fantastic Tours with Chiara

    Some family members and I were lucky enough to book both the Vatican and Ancient Rome tours with Chiara in September 2015. What a pleasure! She is so enthusiastic and informative we really enjoyed our time with her. She pays attention to what you are interested in and adjusts the tour to show you more of what you want rather than just a standard format. When I returned in April 2016 and Chiara was not available, she hooked us up with two other really excellent guides. And not only did she arrange these tours for us, she helped me find my credit card by being kind enough to call the last place I had used it, as I don’t know any Italian and probably could not have communicated clearly what I needed. She really goes above and beyond, and I highly recommend her. Grazie mille, Chiara!


    The Vatican "came alive" with Chiara

    We booked our tour with Chiara Mataloni on the recommendation of a couple we met in Montepulciano. We are so glad that we did, especially after wandering aimlessly through the Uffizi without a guide or a clue. We already had our tickets purchased online in advance and met up with Chiara at the Museum Gate. She whisked us right past the lines and into the building. She explained how she would be focusing on the developing styles and perspective throughout the centuries and she had a wonderful booklet with diagrams and close up details to help us “see” and understand more of the nuances of the architecture of the Vatican and the works of art. Her knowledge and her love of art really shone, and as I stated, she truly made what we saw come to life for us. She is both efficient and casual, making the most of our time together but also making us feel as if we were old friends! We came away from this tour with heads full of knowledge and a feeling of a having gotten a spot on recommendation and great value for the money spent.

    Peter B.

    Best tour guide for families - Chiara Mataloni !

    My family of four just returned from an amazing weeklong trip to Rome. We have two kids aged 10 and 12. When we got home I asked the kids “what was your favorite part of Rome?” and the response was overwhelmingly “Chiara!” our tour guide. If you are a family traveling with kids, I highly recommend Chiara Mataloni. I just cannot say enough positives about her.
    We saw many large tour groups everywhere we went and I am sure our kids would have hated those tours. The cost of a private tour is only a small amount more than group tour and it is worth ever penny!! The personal attention from Chiara was exceptional. She was great at adjusting the tours to our interests. If the kids looked at all disinterested, we quickly moved on before they got bored. If they were excited about what we were seeing, we stayed a few extra minutes. I was really impressed with the way she interacted with the kids and answered all their questions. She always spoke directly to them, looked them in the eye, and made them feel comfortable and part of the group. Her enthusiasm for Rome’s history definitely rubbed off on them.
    Chiara made everything so easy. She speaks English very well, quickly responded to all my questions and emails, and was always on time. She planned everything head of time, purchased our tickets in advance, and we never waited in any lines.
    Our family spent 3 days with Chiara touring Rome. We did the Walking tour of the city, the Ancient Rome/Colosseum VIP tour, and Vatican tour. All three tours were fantastic, do not hesitate, and just do them! I recommend you start with the walking tour first and then do the others in any order. Also definitely do the VIP tour of Colosseum. You are able to go down into the underground of the Coliseum and up to the very top for a great view. Places you can only go with a tour guide.
    Go to Rome and do the tours with Chiara. Trust me you will have the best time!!

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